Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers: Brittany’s pitch to Monte

Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers

We have lots to talk about the day 68 from the Big Brother 24 house. Everybody had an idea that at some point before the commencement of the veto ceremony in the house, Brittany is going to make some sort of a move. Brittany is currently having the veto and is safe but she still wants to see something in this week.

She wants Turner to be on the block and to be out of the gate. She wants that to happen this week. The odds of this happening are pretty very minimal.

Brittany along with Taylor tried to make a pitch to Monte this evening. She argued with him that Turner should go out and with that three of them can be a very tight solid unit/team in the game moving forward. Obviously getting Turner getting out could lead to getting some respect from the jury.

Monte questioned back how Turner getting out of the house would help his game. He is taking Turner as a shield who is most probably to get voted out next before him. In other words, if Turner goes out, then Monte will become the target for everyone. Monte definitely had a valid point here.

Also, Monte does not have confidence and trust in Brittany mainly because of her deal-making attempt. She was pressing Monte to trust her but it didn’t produce much impact on Monte. He was in fact frustrated that Brittany don’t trust him and or his method. He feels that he has to prove himself again and again to the people and not to anyone else in the house.
Monte dropped the topic by saying that he would think about Brittany’s proposal but it was pretty evident from his reaction alone that he would not be considering it.

He was pretty upset with Brittany mainly because of the game that she plays. It remains to see what will further happen on day 69 of the Big Brother 24 house as Monte doesn’t seem to fall into Brittany’s trap. It will be very interesting to see what unravels further.

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