William McChord Hurt died

How did William McChord Hurt died?

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William McChord Hurt Died?

William McChord Hurt was an American Actor born on 20th March 1950. He was nominated consecutive three times for Academy awards. William McChord Hurt died due to complications of diseases. Hurt was already diagnosed for Terminal Prostate Cancer in May 2018.

William Hurt debuted with a Science-fiction movie named “Ken Russell” in 1980. He was nominated as New Star of the Year in Golden Globe awards. Later he was nominated three consecutive years in Academy wards for hi films i.e. Kiss of the Spider Women (1985), Children of the lessor God (1986) and Broadcast News (1987).

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William McChord Hurt married to Mary Beth in 1971. Later he moved in a relationship with Sandra Jennings. In 1982, Jennings got pregnant and hurt leads to divorce. After some years, Hurt dated Marlee Matlin for one year.

He was having four children. One children with Jennings, two children with Heidi Henderson, and one children with Sandrine Bonnarise.

Sandrine was a French actress, film director and screenwriter.

On 13th March 2022, William Hurt died at home in Portland Oregon.

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