Toyota to unveil new-gen Prius tomorrow

Toyota to unveil new-gen Prius tomorrow

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Toyota to unveil new-gen Prius tomorrow

It has been reported that the Japanese automaker Toyota will unveil their new generation Prius at the Los Angeles Motor Show on 16 November. There is a lot to look forward to for everyone, as Toyota had teased the debut of the Prius as a ‘Hybrid Reborn‘ a couple of times. It would be refreshed for the fifth generation and compete in the global market against various all-electric vehicles. The company has teased the redesigned front fascia with sleeker headlight units visible upfront. Overall it feels that it is wider than the outgoing Prius.

Other images show that the car’s redesigned C-pillar looks more like a fastback, with the roof swiftly blending with the high–rise tail for improved aerodynamic features.

The hybrid also has an LED light strip across the car’s width at the back, as seen in the released image. It will continue to be a hybrid model. The hydrogen-powered version is expected to hit the market around 2025. It will retain a 1.8-liter hybrid powertrain, which is mated to the Toyota e-CVT, but will have improved fuel efficiency. It was noticed that Toyota Prius sales have declined since the introduction of EVs into the mainstream market. Now all car manufacturers are taking EVs more seriously than before; hence it will be interesting to see how this new hybrid performs in the market compared to other competitors.

The hybrid comes with more power, acceleration, and driving range and is also more stylish, scrapping the stodgy angular body for a sleekly futuristic look. Simon Humphries is the senior general manager of Global Toyota design. He unveiled the car in Tokyo today. He stressed that the company has been defying the skeptics questioning how long the automaker would stick with hybrids in a rapidly electrifying industry. The model will be going on sale this winter first in Japan.

The US plug-in version would hit the market next year. Prices are still being announced. The company had swapped the older nickel metal hydride battery for a smaller, lighter lithium-ion battery, resulting in double the horsepower, quicker acceleration, and a 50% longer range.

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