How did Sasural Simar Ka actress Vaishali Takkar died?

Sasural Simar Ka actress Vaishali Takkar died

Vaishali Takkar was a brilliant actress born on July 15th, 1992, in M.P. She graduated from the Educational Multimedia Research Centre of Devi Ahilya Bishwavidyalaya in 2014. She started her acting career in TV shows after completing her education. Her debut television series, yeh Rishta kya kehlata hai, was the longest-running drama on star plus. She played the role of Sanjana in a tv show from 2015 to 2016.

I am also a fan of her because I watched that serial and enjoyed her character. She died by suicide. Unfortunately, it’s not clear what is the fundamental matter behind this, but the police statement clearly says that it was a suicide, and the reason is not visible. Her acting career was so good, and she was happy in her life. She uploads her photo on her Instagram page and shows her feeling.

Recently good news about her came into the market. She was going to be engaging with her former boyfriend, but. There were rumors that the engagement had already happened in April, and now they married in just a month. The information at Tejaji Nagar police station that TV actor Vaishali Thakkar hanged herself to death late last night. The recovered suicide note suggests that she was stressed and harassed by her former boyfriend. When police examined her and asked her neighbors to inquire, Rahul allegedly harassed her.

She was about to get married to another man, but he hindered that too. He is absconding. She was also famous for the role of Anjali Bharadwaj in Sasural simar ka. This role also awarded her. She was a multi-talented girl and played many roles in tv series like Shivani Sharma in super sisters, Netra Singh Rathore in vish you Amrit: sitar, and Anaya Mishra in manmohini 2. She was very young, 26 years old when she died.

She was found hanging at her home in Indore. Her fans are shocked to hear such type of news. I am also surprised to hear that news. She was charming and innocent. She performed in many serials.

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