On the Kokkraet-Mya Oti Asia road.

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On the Kokkraet-Mya Oti Asia road, a mine exploded, causing a large hole in the middle of the road. The fighting is still going on, despite the fact that the military council is getting ready to open the Mya Oti-Me Sot Bridge 1.

January 11, 2023: Stay up to date on this news First, I encourage you to follow Burma’s contemporary media to learn about the special news.

Travelers reported that this morning a mine exploded in the Goat Phu Valley, causing a large hole in the middle of the Kok Krait-Mya Watty Asia Road.

On January 11, the mine exploded in the wee hours. However, no one was hurt when the road burst into flames.

“There is a vast wasteland in the middle of the road. You can if you stay to the side. Still open is the road. Heavy weapons and gunshots can still be heard if you cross from the Kokraket side. Walking is calming.

Additionally, they assert that fighting can occur at any time. “We need to be careful,” a Mya Owadi cargo transporter stated.

The Mae Sot-Mya Wat No. is slated for reopening by the Thai government and military council. 1 bridge on January 12, and the plan to open it has been officially announced by the Thai government.

“At this time, the Thok Koko-to-Mya Oti road is still safe. There is no guarantee because Asia Road is in the war zone. Nothing will occur if nothing is done. It is personal if it does.

“The road condition is still not safe, even though the bridge is open,” the Mya Oti goods transport operator continued.

On the 12th of January, the Mae Sot-Mya Wat No. The Mya Wat-Kokkraet Asia Road will remain closed while one bridge reopens. Locals have provided numerous reports.

Photo: A mine explosion this morning caused a large hole to form in the middle of Asia Road.

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