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Norm Macdonald Died

How did Norm Macdonald Died

Norm Macdonald Died

Stated as the most controversial comedian of all times, the ‘SNL’ comedian Norm Macdonald died at the age of 61. His manager Marc Gurvitz confirmed the cause of death as cancer, which he had been battling for a very long time. Only a handful of people in the entire comedy scene knew about it. 

He fought against the deadly disease for nearly a decade but preferred to keep his state of health private from everyone around him. The type of cancer the comedian suffered from is still not known to the public.  

  • Born: 17 October 1959, Quebec City, Canada
  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Died: 14 September 2021, Los Angeles, California, United States

Norm Macdonald’s career –

The comedian is prominently famous among the masses for his “Weekend Update” on “The Saturday Night Live” which aired from 1994 to 1998. Norm had a unique place in the stand-up circuit for his style and voice. By the year 1990, Norm was writing for mainstream shows like “Last Night With David Letterman” and many more. 

In 1993, the doors to success opened up for him through a big break that came as an interview for a job on “Saturday Night Live” with Lorne Micheals. However, in early 1998, Mr. Macdonald reportedly was removed from the anchor chair by the then president of the channel NBC, Don Ohnleymer for mocking his friend O.J.Simpson. 

Mr. Macdonald started his show in the name of “The Norm Show” that aired between 1999-2001 on ABC. The show was later renamed “Norm”. He had to face a lot of criticism from the media and public alike for defending one of his friends Louis C.K. who was accused of sexual misconduct. Louis C.K. had written the foreword to Mr. Macdonald’s book “Based on a true story: Not A Memoir”. While apologizing for the comments, Norm mocked people with down syndrome. 

Keeping his missteps aside, his style of comedy was relatable and absurd. His partner Hokestra famously said “He never wanted the diagonals to affect the way his loved ones and audience saw him. Norm was a pure comic.” 

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