Nate Fisher had bank co-workers buzzing after superb Mets debut: ‘Unbelievable story’

Mets debut: ‘Unbelievable story’

Nate Fisher story is nothing sort of miracle. He was working as a credit analyst evaluating loans at a First National Bank of Omaha in June last year. Not even in his wildest dreams he would have imagined that he would be playing professional baseball this year. But such has been his story that it will be remember for ages.

It is actually nothing sort of a miracle. Fisher studied at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and did played baseball for his college, the Nebraska Cornhuskers as a pitcher. He had to undergo a surgery in 2016. Post that in 2019, his last year Fisher had a 3.27 earned run average (ERA) and help Cornhuskers pitchers in winning many games. He was not unfortunately not selected in the 2019 Major League Baseball draft.

Post his graduation from Nebraska in 2019, he signed up with Seattle Mariners for a minor league contract. His professional debut was for the Everett AquaSox. That year Fisher put up a 4.10 ERA in 41+2⁄3 professional innings. Unfortunately he was laid off when Covid-19 outbreak happened. The Mariners released him in 2020. During this time, he did his master’s degree and also worked as a commercial lending analyst for the First National Bank of Omaha. He worked for the bank till June 2021.

Fisher came back to the Mariners organization in 2021 and signed a new minor-league contract. Fisher became a free agent after the expiry of the contract. After the 2021 season, Fisher signed another minor-league contract with the New York Mets. He began the 2022 season with the Binghamton Rumble Ponies where he did exceptionally well and thereby earning a promotion to the Syracuse Mets. On August 21, the Mets promoted him to the major league roster. Fisher pitched three scoreless innings in his major league debut in a 10–9 Mets win against the Philadelphia Phillies on August 21, 2022. His fellow employees at the bank were in disbelief with what has transpired in the last 1 year. Bank has promised him his job back whenever he returns back to them. They are hoping that he decides to return after a long successful baseball career.

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