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Ma Po Neng Neng’s child was taken into custody in the 44th Street incident, and Weihen Soe Mizzima was sent back to prison. Botajung Township, Yangon Region A prison insider informed Mizzi today that Ma Po Neng Neng’s baby, who was taken from him after he jumped over a platform in 44th Street, has been returned to the family outside.

“With regard to Ma Po Ning Ning, she was pregnant, and the child was released (from prison). When she was arrested, she was three months pregnant. He stated, “She was born from prison in Insein Hospital.”

Additionally, due to two broken legs, Ko Weiyan, who was detained while jumping from the ground, is said to be walking around the prison on crutches.

Wayan Thant, one of the survivors who jumped off the platform, broke both of his legs and will never recover. He is using crutches to walk. The attorney in charge of the case explained, “Min Nya Aung and Le Min Oo are not fully recovered from the injuries they received when they jumped, but they are recovering.”

Wai Phyo Aung, including Ko Thiha Gungsat, who were involved in the incident at 44th Street. Be faithful, Chief of Police: Wayan Thant and Ma Po Neng Neng were given five years in prison on December 27 by the Botajung District Court in violation of Section 5 of the Law on Explosive Substances.

In addition, Ko Thiha Kaungsat, Wei Phyo Aung, Chief of Police To be faithful Wayan Than, Kyaw Kyaw Oo, Hein Min Nakhon, and Sai Win Lwin Thut were convicted by the Botajung District Court of violating Section 3/6 of the Law on Explosive Substances and given seven years in prison.

The occurrence took place on August 10, 2021. Two of the eight people the military council detained fell to their deaths while jumping, and the remaining six were detained.

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