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McDonald’s is testing the Chicken Big Mac in the US

McDonald’s is testing the Chicken Big Mac

McDonald is planning to test run the chicken Big Mac in United States. They tried it first in the United Kingdom and it was very popular and successful. It has been become a favorite item to be ordered from McDonald in United Kingdom. Now post seeing that result they will be testing this in selected Miami area locations.

The Big Mac is the popular item of McDonald and they are planning to push and promote it further. It got sold out in less than two weeks when it was introduced in the United Kingdom. McDonald CEO has advised that it is most successful food promotion chain ever in their history. This is basically chicken remix of its famous Big Mac sandwich but in this the beef would be replaced by chicken. The Big Mac is made with 2 crispy tempura patties of chicken, McDonald’s iconic Big Mac sauce. It is then topped up with pickles and shredded lettuce and American based cheese. It brings the perfect taste to the customer and is sounding absolutely delicious.

McDonald’s CEO’s message –

Chris Kempczinski, McDonald CEO has stated that chicken continues to be a priority and significant opportunity to their company. They already are providing other varieties of chicken which include Mc Nuggets, McChicken, McCrispy and McSpicy. McDonald has not confirmed as of now if the trial will be done across the entire country as of now.

Currently they have hinted that test run would be done in Florida. Post seeing the results, trail might spread to the other regions. They are looking to feedback from customer post trails to do further planning of expansion and introducing new items in their menu .Trails are expected to begin in August in some parts of Miami. Recently, they also rolled out new time McPlant in their menu but the experiment did not went well and hence they didn’t continued with the product. As of now there are no roll out plans of Big Mac chicken in other countries .

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