A stone broker and an informer for the military council were shot to death today in Mandalay.

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A stone broker and an informer for the military council were shot to death today in Mandalay.

MFP January 2 – Mandalay City It was reported that two people were shot today:

a stone broker on Chan Ayethasan Road (90) and a military council informant on Yeyunt Road in Patheingyi Township.

According to Mandalay’s baseless groups, Aung Kyaw Myint,

an informer for the military council who collaborated with a military group to arrest and extort money from the people, was shot and killed today, January 2 at approximately 1:00 p.m.

“It is unknown who was responsible for sending a Dalan named Aung Kyaw Myint to hell. He was the head of ten houses once, but now it is known that young people involved in politics are forced to be arrested.

Edit: Not yet dead. According to Patheingyi Information – PIF, the death rate was high.

In the past few days, a military group ambushed four GZP Mandalay Urban Guerrilla Force members on the street near Patheingyi town (19), resulting in their arrest.

The revolutionary forces claimed that the incident that resulted in their deaths also involved the military council informers on 19 Street. Today, in Pathein Gyi Township, the MFP is unsure whether the GZP group is involved in the shooting of the military council informant on the watershed road.

In addition, locals claim that 50-year-old gem broker U Win Aung Sothu was shot and killed on the spot today, January 2 at 8:00 a.m.

in Chan Aye Tha San Township, Mandalay City, near 89 Street and 90 Street.

Why did U Win Aung shoot Kyauk Kyayasa? The person who fired the shots is still unknown.

The Phu, who are thriving alongside the military group in Mandalay,

are being illegally arrested and executed by the military group. Additionally, whistleblowers are being targeted.

A stone broker who was shot to death on Patheingyi Township in Mandalay Township and Chan Ayetha San Township Road (90) in Mandalay City.

crd video

CJ’s photograph shows a military council informant who was shot and killed next to a pub on Waterout Street. PIF

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