Lufthansa airlines Pilots on Strike

Why hundreds of Lufthansa airlines Pilots on Strike?

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Lufthansa airlines Pilots on Strike

Lufthansa airlines had to cancel large number of airlines on Friday. The German airlines cancelled hundreds of flights on Friday leaving large number of travelers stranded. Travelers were furious with this development. Cancellation is due to strike of large number of airline pilots. The airline has declared that they had to cancel about 800 flights at their main bases in Frankfurt and Munich on Friday.

It is reported that about one Lakh thirty thousand passengers were effected due to this cancellation. Airlines is trying to minimize the impact of the strikes. Labor union of the pilots had ordered 5,000 Lufthansa pilots for a 24 hour walkout, after the failures of discussion of the latest rounds regarding wages. The labor union are demanding a 5.5% increments to compensate the rising inflation from July 1 and were demanding better terms for entry level joiners. They also want 8.2 % increment from the year 2023. Airlines said that they would be making an improved offer to their pilots on Tuesday. They are hoping that it will stop the further escalation of the wage dispute. Labour union has declared that they are planning to go on strike again this week.

Passenger pilots will again go on strike on Wednesday and Thursday. Cargo pilots will be on strike from Wednesday to Friday. Labor union had made this announcement. It means about 5000 pilots will again be on strike. Currently the airline has offered 500 euro increase from Sept 1 in the current year and 400 euros from April 1 2023. Their CEO Carsten Spor said the airlines are planning to hire about 20,000 new employees by the end of next year since the aviation industry is now recovering from post Covid-19 impact.

The recent strike has led to huge losses for Lufthansa as this is the peak holiday season. With the impact of Covid, the aviation industry had taken a big impact. Now post Covid, people has started travelling again and the aviation industry is taking off again. We all hope that Lufthansa quickly resolves the wage dispute to avoid further losses for them and passengers.

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