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how did jodha died

How did Jodha Died

How did Jodha Die – Cause of Death

Jodha died on 16 June 1623 in Agra from a heart attack. His body was buried by Salim near Akbar’s tomb, married to Akbar on January 20, 1562, at age of twenty near the Jaipur. Jodha was very beautiful and gorgeous. She was the third wife for Akbar.

Jodha’s life Achievements, Family & history

She was born on October 1, 1542, as the daughter of Raja Bharmal and Champavathi. Her birth name is Jodha Bai and she was most favorite queen. Also, the last love of Akbar but her marriage considered as religious tolerance and in the Mughal court, Akbar gives the title as Mariam-Uz-Zaman to Jodha honoring as a royal queen who born child to Akbar to succeed in a royal throne. She gained prestige during Jahangir’s reign she has more power as Mughal emperor next to Akbar and the longest-serving Hindu in Mughal emperor.

When Akbar married Heer Kunwari, it creates political alliances between the father of Jodha Bai and Akbar and she also have the title of Mallika-e-Muezzama. She could issue some royal orders on behalf of Akbar and also enjoy a reputation with Akbar in a Mughal court, also she performs Hindu rituals.

Jodha Bai in Business

Akbar also takes part in puja in the emperor. She also reported as a very active businesswoman, ran an international trade in spices and silk, and also look after the ministry of foreign trade and commerce and as authority to sign official documents. Jodha owned ships that carried pilgrims to the holy city Mecca, she is the only woman who has the rank of twelve thousand cavalries and known for receive jewel from every nobleman on the occasion of every new year and also head of the Rahimi, the largest Indian vessel trading in a red sea.

how did jodha died

She was born in a Hindu family but convert to Muslim after married Akbar. Jodha never gives up Hindu worship. She highly prays to Lord Krishna and Akbar also supported her worship enjoying and give respect to both religions.

After her death, she remained close to her husband the only wife buried near Akbar as per her wish, In Fatehpur Sikri, the Jodha Bai palace is one of the most architecturally built. This palace is mixed with Hindu and Islamic designs.

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