How did Annabelle die

How did Annabelle die

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Annabelle Die – Cause of Death

Annabelle is undoubtedly the scariest yet popular Raggedy Ann doll, which is allegedly haunted. It is permanently housed in the Occult Museum in Connecticut, USA, which is dedicated to paranormal activities. This museum is now closed to the public and is owned by paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren.

According to Warrens, it is no ordinary doll and is inhabited by an ‘inhumane spirit’. The real Annabelle die in a car accident.

The doll found its Hollywood fame in the blockbuster movies, The Conjuring, Annabelle, and then, in its prequel, Annabelle: Creation. 

Real Story of Annabelle Doll –

In reality, the doll was first gifted in 1970 as a birthday present to a nurse Donna, by her mother. As reported, the doll soon started behaving creepy and Donna and her roommate decided to get in touch with a medium. They got to know that the spirit of Annabelle Higgins was inside the evil doll. 

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Seven-year-old Annabelle Higgins had tragically died in a car accident, close to where Donna was living. She was the daughter of a dollmaker. From the several ambiguous stories related to the death of the little girl, the one adopted in the movie Annabelle: Creation is most widely accepted. 

How Annabelle Higgins die –

On the day of Annabelle’s death, she was on a road trip with her parents and they had to stop on the way to change the car’s tire. Annabelle tried to help her parents with a bolt from the wheel that fell on the road. Tragically, she stepped before a speeding car and died.

After her death, Annabelle’s alleged spirit contacted her parents, wanting to return to a doll so that she could stay with them forever. The overwhelmed parents allowed her to do so but later realized that the spirit did not belong to Annabelle and it had evil intentions. 

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