Don’t make my daughter stupid

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Don’t make my daughter stupid

; I want you to read it because it’s so good and won’t bore you. My sister and I, two poor husbands and wives, have a reading-savvy daughter. My daughter once finished first in the class exam.

The father expressed his happiness and promised to buy whatever he wanted. The daughter didn’t want a pair of clothes because she knew the father didn’t have any money.

The father gave her a pair of clothes that her daughter wanted the following day. When my daughter wears it, she looks happy in the mirror. The father was crying because he was so happy to see his daughter. My mother is the only person who can’t be happy.

My mother questioned her husband at night, “Where do you get the money?” Because I sold blood at a hospital, my daughter graduated from high school with many honors. I’m not concerned because I am aware that my father does not have enough money to attend medical school.

My father showed me the large bag containing money about a week later and assured my daughter not to be concerned. My father is very wealthy. It is sufficient for her to become a doctor.

My daughter was dancing because she was so happy. With tears streaming down his cheeks, the poor father was overjoyed to see his daughter. My mother is the only person who can’t be happy. At night, she asked her husband, “How did you get this much money?” After “selling one of my two kidneys” for six years, my daughter graduated from medical school. The best house is the small one, and I’m coming home.

Before the house, I heard the sound of pony drawn carriages. Of course, the happiness of the husband and wife ran out, and my daughter is still alive but has returned. The daughter’s white linen-covered body.

One sender stated, “Their daughter committed suicide last night by drinking poison because her boyfriend dumped her.”

I’ve given you something to consider. Should someone who left us because he didn’t like us live? He ought to die for those who gave their lives for him.

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