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Three people, including the leader MTO (Mizzima), were killed when a car was attacked as it left the village of Topu Pyu Saw Hti.

According to Ko Daung Karam, who is in charge of the People Defense Force-South Monywa, an attack on Pyu Saw Hti people who were leaving Topu Village, a Pyu Saw Hti village, in a car on December 28 killed three Pyu leaders, including a veteran Pyu leader.

Three of the four people in the car died, including the group’s current leader, a former military veteran.

He stated that the other one was released because she was a woman.

The news reported that the attack was preemptive, and while they attempted to check the vehicle, they were forced to retreat when additional individuals arrived to reinforce them.

They went to the village’s exit, waited, and opened fire when I received the precise information that the villagers would leave in a car.

“There was no shooting again,” declared Ko Daung Karam. Topu Pyu came with a lot of force as I was checking the car, so I had to run away.”

Following that, a number of shots were fired at nearby locations by members of Pyu Saw Hti, who had arrived as reinforcements from Topu village.

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