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birbal died

How did Birbal Died

How did Birbal Died – Cause of Death

On February 16, 1586, Birbal died in the Yusufzai disaster including more than 8000 Mughal soldiers were killed in that disaster.

Birbal was appointed by Akbar as a minister who used to be a singer and poet, he had a close association with Akbar and also one of the most important parts of a group called Navratnas.

Birbal’s life achievements & history

Birbal (Mahesh Das Brahmabhatt) was born in 1528 in a Hindu Braham family in Kalpi, Uttar Pradesh, India. His father was Ganga das, and his mother Anabha Davito, the third son of the family he had closely associated with literature and poetry.

He continued his education in Hindi, Sanskrit and, Persian he served at the Rajput court under the name Brahma Kavi later he appointed to Akbar’s imperial court. Birbal had a strong sense of humor and he impresses the king with his intelligence, along with poetry had given a musical touch in his writings.

birbal died

Birbal is one of the first officers join Akbar’s court in 1556 he was twenty-eight years old Within a few years of an appointment he becomes Kavi Priya in emperor, he was a Hindu advisor and main commander of the army in the court, gain title Birbal with raja by king Akbar become part of nine advisers he also involved in military figure and also a religious advisor and also close friend of Akbar. Akbar ordered the erection of a stone palace building his new city a Fatepursikri is known in the Indian subcontinent for the folk tales.

Birbal’s family background –

Birbal married the daughter of the respected and rich family her name Urvashi Devi and later he had a daughter named Saudamini.

Akbar sent Birbal with reinforcements where afghanis prepared position in the hills but unfortunately, Birbal and soldiers were killed, this is one of the great losses to Akbar.

Akbar not taken food or drinks for two days for loss is a favorite courtier. Akbar and Birbal folk tales come in children’s comics and also available in many books. In cartoon network channel two featured series based on Akbar and Birbal and also painting Akbari Navratna in Victoria hall Kolkata shows he had a prominent position right next to Akbar, had a story house close to Akbar’s chambers. He was the only Hindu to adopt Din-I –Ilahi the religion founded by Akbar.

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