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How did Ashwathama Die

How did Ashwathama Die

How did Ashwathama Die – Cause of Death

Ashwathama the son of Guru Drona and the grandson of the sage Bharadwaja and his mother’s name was Krupi. He was born in a cave, a forest. He born with a precious stone on his forehead which is meant to protect him from demons, He has been born with the blessings of Lord Shiva so named Ashwathama.

Dronacharya was the great Shiva bhakta and had prayed to the god for a long time before Ashwathama was born. Dronacharya lives a simple life, with little money or property. Ashwatthama has a difficult childhood, with his family unable to even afford milk.

He was commander of the army of Kaurava’s and he was very heroic. Among many characters in Mahabharatha, Ashwathama comes across as a warrior, Since Hastinapura, ruled by King Dhritarashtra, offered Dronacharya the privilege of teaching the Kuru princes.

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He fights for the Kauravas in the Kurukshetra war. Dronacharya and Ashwatthama were loyal to Hastinapur. Drona advises Ashwatthama to win the war using his own strength and not through a blessing.

How did Dronacharya die?

To defeat Drona, Shri Krishna planned a clever war on the side of Pandavas the elephant named by Ashwathama. He told Yudhistira to spread the rumor the Ashwathama was dead. Dronacharya also heard that word and he assumed that her son Ashwathama died.

Ashwathama later learned the tricky played by Shri Krishna to kill his father. To take revenge one-night Ashwathamma went to Pandavas camp. But Pandavas are not in the camp later he thinks they were sleeping he killed all five sons of Pandavas and also the baby in the womb of Uttara.

How did Ashwathama Die

When Pandavas returned to camp he came to know that his sons were killed. They were very angry and go and search for Ashwathama.

Fight between Ashwathama & Arjuna

Ashwathama hid on the bank of the river Ganga, where Arjuna challenged him for battle and Ashwathama played Bhramastra against Arjuna but the collision of these weapons causes the destruction of the universe where sage Maharshi Vyas and Narda made these weapons inactive by using their powers.

At the request of Maharshi and Narda, Arjuna left alive the Ashwathama and snatched the Divya mani from him. But Shri Krishna was upset due to the sinful act of Ashwathama. He cursed Ashwathama that he will be wandering this earth for thousands of years always foul smell will come out of his body and not get a place in human society.

Even today Ashwathama is roaming around the jungle with the suffering punishment for his sinful act.

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