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how did ashoka died

How did Ashoka died

How did Ashoka die – Cause of Death

King Ashoka died from his natural death in 232 BC after ruling over the Indian subcontinent for 40 years after his death empire lasted for just 50 years.

King Ashoka’s Family

Ashoka was known as Ashoka the Great. He is the third king of the Mauryan Dynasty, the birth of Ashoka was in 300 BCE, his parents Bindusara and Devi dharma. Maurya dynasty belongs to Chandra Gupta Maurya. He was the grandfather of Ashoka, founded in 322 BCC gained after Alexander’s Death. He conquered more lands and began with series of wars, in 260 BC Kalinga war was the worst of all he conquered Kalinga’s country in the eight-year of his reign. The suffering battlefield and huge loss of life made him turn away from war and he adopted “conquest by dharma”.

Samrat Ashoka had five wives in that three were out of love and two for political reasons. His first wife Maharani Devi at age of 18, had 3 sons. Mahinda, Tivala, Kunala, and 2 daughters Charumathi and Sangamitra. He protected wildlife and banned spot hunting. After Ashok’s death, India decided to Commemorate Ashoka by using his chakra, which can be seen today on the Indian flag. The meaning of the word chakra is a cycle or a repeating process, the word chakra symbolizes 24 virtues in Buddhism some are patience, peacefulness, courage, justice.

Samrat Ashoka’s life achievements –

His period between 273 BC to 232 BC, the most prosperous period in the history of India, his kingdom stretches from Afghanistan and parts of Persia in the west to Bengal and Assam in the east, and Mysore. In the south after the Kalinga war, Ashoka changes his heart.  He got a title as Devanampriya Priyadarshi.

Next, he adopted dharma principles and influenced by Buddhism. In many places, Ashoka built shrines and monasteries inscribed Buddhist teachings on rocks and pillars. His son Kunal became a monk and carried Buddhism. He eliminates unnecessary mutilation of animals and he taught and convinced people to love and respect all living things.

how did ashoka died

He went out on long tours for preaching dharma to the rural people and relieving their sufferings. He appointed dharma ministers to look after public problems and help the needs of women and he also ordered matter belongs to the public to report to him all the time.

Ashoka Pillars & Stupa

Public utility works of Ashoka’s are opening of hospitals for people and animals and planting of roadside trees and groves. Also, the construction of watering sheds and rest houses. One of his Stupa declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO and Ashoka pillar at Sarnath has a four-lion capital adopted as the national emblem Indian republic.

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