how did alexander die

How did Alexander The Great Die

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How did Alexander Die – Cause of Death

On June 2nd 323 BC, at the age of 32 years, Alexander falls ill on the way back to Greece. Alexander dies due to sickness from an infection. He was one of the military strategists and leaders in world history. He is more ruthless and ambitious to the point of regarding himself as divine.

Alexander family

Alexander was born on July 19, 356 BC in Pella near Macedonia to Philip II of Macedon and her mother Olympias. He is commonly known as Alexander the Great. His father more involved in large military campaigns so he rarely saw his father. He learned from his mother, relative. His favorite teacher was Lysimachus. Aristotle was head of the royal academy of Macedon. He was invited by Philip to serve as a tutor for Prince Alexander. He was from famous Greek philosopher and he learned subjects like government, politics, drama, and science in the village Mieza.

Alexander married three times Roxana of Bactria, Stateira, and Parysatis daughter of others, but Roxana gives birth to child Alexander IV of Macedon.

Alexander’s fights and achievements

Alexander’s father is the king of Macedonia. He conquers Greek city-states, he also involved with the father, and had a highly trained mobile military force. Alexander conquers the Persian emperor; it was his father’s dream. But he was murdered in 336 BC by an assassin.

how did alexander die

Then Alexander becomes king of Macedonia at the age of twenty. He was also a brilliant and excellent warrior like his father, he defeats Persians in many battles by using tactics. Alexander further by conquering land one after other he conqueror all the ways to the Indus valley but in every land conquered treats people with respect and let them keep their traditions and treats equally he conquer Natalia, Syria, Phoenicia, Judea, Gaza, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Persia, and Bactria also he extends his kingdom till Taxila.

Also, he spread Greek culture and also qualities of classical Greek. In Egypt, he sacrificed to the local gods and the Egyptian priesthood recognized him as pharaoh or ruler of ancient Egypt. Alexander then worked to bring Greek culture to Egypt. He founded the city of Alexandria, which became a center of Greek culture and commerce.

In 327 with a newly enforced army, Alexander invaded India his final ambition to reach the Indian ocean and he impressed local Indian rulers, on the bank of the Hydaspes river. Alexander fought his last great battle with King Porus later he becomes a strong ally after his death kingdom divided for three of Alexander’s one in Macedonia and Greece another took Egypt control, at last, is Persian empire.

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