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albert einstein die

How did Albert Einstein Die

How did Albert Einstein Die – Cause of Death

On April 18, 1955, Albert Einstein died of an abdominal aortic aneurysm. After his death, his brain was preserved in a mutter museum the brain is 20 microns thick and stained with Cresyl Violet, which is preserved in glass slides.

Albert Einstein’s history & family –

In March 1879, Albert Einstein was born in Ulm, Germany. The parents were Herman and Pauline and had one sister Maria. Family business consisting of manufacturing of electrical parts. He was deeply affected by two wonders in early life one at the age of five encounters with a compass and another at age of twelve studying a book of geometry.

At age of twelve, he becomes deeply religious chanting and composing various songs on going to school. When he goes through with their science book he began to change that contradicts his religious beliefs. At the Luitpold Gymnasium, the Persian education system will create originality creativity to him another he more influenced by his friend he was a young medical student named Max Talmud, he introduced to Einstein to more advanced mathematics and philosophy again Talmud introduced him to children’s science series by Aaron Bernstein, Naturwissenschaftliche Volksbucher popular books of physical science, due to his father repeated failures her education was disturbed he moved to Milan to continue his education in boarding with her relatives, also met his future wife, Mileva Maric, a  physics student from Serbia.

Later he applied to Eidgenossische Polytechnische Schule in Zurich without the equivalent of a high school diploma but his marks show excellent in Maths and Physics but he failed in French, chemistry, and biology because of his high marks in Math’s he allowed for polytechnic on condition to finish formal schooling later he went to special high school and graduated in 1896.

albert einstein die

In 1900, there will be greatest crises in his life because he studied advanced subjects on his own so he turned down every position he applied to, later Einstein’s relation with Maric deepened but his family opposes this relationship. Later he reached the perhaps lowest point in life not even support her family not able to marry Maric despite he took up a job tutoring children to help the family, later his father’s friend he appointed as a clerk in a swiss patent office in Bern.

Albert Einstein achievements –

On January 6th, 1903 he marries Maric, her children Hans Albert and Eduard. 1905 is a miracle year, he published four papers in the Annalen der Physik, each of which would alter the course of modern physics, along he also submit a paper for a doctorate in that year only and he also invited as a lecturer in was invited to lecture at international meetings, such as the Solvay Conferences, he offers so many positions in a prestigious institution, served as director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Physics from 1913 to 1933.

As the name spread, he lost his involvement in the family, later his marriage was doomed. Einstein began an affair with a cousin, Elsa Lowenthal later he married, he finally divorced Mileva in 1919.

Today physicists refer to the action from which the equations are derived as Einstein. He is best known for the energy and mass equation and the discovery of the photoelectric effect for which he won the Nobel prize for physics in 1921.

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