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how did alauddin khilji

How did Alauddin Khilji die

How did Alauddin Khilji die – Cause of Death

Alauddin Khilji, the most powerful leader of the Khilji Dynasty and he was the second ruler. He was born as Juna Muhammad Khilji in 1250 in Birbhum district, Bengal, to Shihabuddin Masud and he becomes a powerful king, they don’t have proper education.

He suffering from edema died in 1316. Alauddin Khilji was buried at the backside of the Qutub complex, in Mehrauli, Delhi.

Alauddin Khilji’s life achievements –

He was the first Muslim ruler who defeats southern parts of India. Khilji’s main aim to expanding his influence to South India as well supported by his loyal generals, especially Malik Kafur and Khusraw Khan. He loots the states and also gets a payment of annual taxes from south India.

how did alauddin khilji

While war with the Kakatiya rulers of Warangal, he also acquired the Koh-i-Noor; one of the largest known diamonds. He killed Jalaluddin and captured the throne of Delhi, after this, he becomes the new Sultan in 1296. Several Mongols were around Delhi and joined Islam he got all of them killed in a single day and got their women and children enslaved.

He carried out his first war to Gujarat in 1299, and again he attacked the Rajput of Ranthambore in 1301 but failed in his first attempt. His second attempt was successful Rana Hamir Dev, Prithviraj Chauhan died.

Where North Indian kingdoms were controlled under the direct Sultan Shahi rule, South India was forced to pay heavy taxes annually since it was filled with wealth.

Alauddin Khilji’s rule for taxes –

He reduced the burden on the cultivators who give a share to landowners as taxes the landowners had to bear their taxes by reducing the taxes to 50% of the agricultural produce. The high taxes that they were forced to pay to Alauddin.

In reaching the greatest place in South India, Alauddin’s extensive empire stretching from the Himalayas in the north to Adam’s Bridge in the south.

In 1306, he attacked the wealthy state of Baglana. It was being ruled by Rai Karan after being expelled from Gujarat. while Rai Karan’s daughter, Devala Devi, was brought to Delhi and married off to his eldest son, Khijir Khan.

Malika-i-Jahan  was first wife of alauddin khiljie but he as four wives her four sons were  Khizr Khan (from Mahru), Shadi Khan, Qutb ud din Mubarak Shah,  Shihab-ud-din Omar (from Mahru).

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