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how did akbar died

How did Akbar Died

How did Akbar Died – Cause of Death

The greatest Mughal Emperor of India Akbar died of Dysentery in his capital of Agra on October 25, 1605.

This Mughal Emperor conquered from Kashmir to Goa. He wasn’t an Indian who had a look of a king with energetic character with physically robust.

  • Full name:- Abu’l-Fath Jalal-ud-din Muhammad Akbar
  • Born:- 15 October 1542
  • Died:- 27 October 1605
  • Cause of Death:- Dysentery (Infection of the intestines)

Baadshah Akbar life achievements & history –

During his period, Mughal Empire extended a maximum part of the Indian subcontinent up to the Himalayas in the north to Vindhyas in the south.

He eliminates the special tax payable by Hindus for making pilgrimages in 1563. Also, he eliminates Jizya or the Annual Tax. So he gets respect from the Hindu population. Akbar established a large library with 24,000 books. Akbar created a centralized government in its empire. He builds many monuments like the Tomb of  Marium Uz Zamani, Khusro Bag Prayagraj. Baadshah Akbar had a more passion for painters and musicians. He patronized Govardhan, Basawan, and Daswanth in his Empire.

how did akbar died

Akbar tripled the size and wealth of the Mughal Empire. He makes Hindus appointed for several government positions. Baadshah Akbar was famous for the great cultural event of Sulh-i-Kul. It means absolute peace, this event gives every religion a lesson to not fight among themselves. And another event Din-i-Illahi gives the valuable features of all religions.

Details about Baadshah Akbar’s family – 

Akbar was Born on October 14, 1542, in Sindh of Pakistan. His mother was Hamida  Banu Begum, and his father Humayun. Akbar was the third Mughal Emperor and also famous emperors of Indian history, famous for his more gratitude towards other religions.

Akbar in his youth never learned to read and write. He learned to hunt and fight. He was illiterate but he gave importance to education in his period.

After his father’s death, he was only thirteen years old. He was taken care of by Bay Ram Khan. After the declaration, Akbar as king first he was defeated by Hindu Samrat Hemu. Later he took the help of Bairam Khan and defeats Samrat Hemu in the second battle of  Panipat.

Akbar’s first wife Ruqaiya Sultan Begum only daughter of his paternal uncle. Akbar had 35 wives in his life in that Jodha Bai known as the first and last love of Mughal emperor Akbar. This marriage is considered to be an example of religious tolerance because Jodha Bai was the daughter of Raja Bharmel of Jaipur. She was a Hindu princess.

Akbar had five sons in that Jahangir who was able to live long life followed by Denial and Murad, he continued its emperor after Akbar death.

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