how did abraham lincoln die

How did Abraham Lincoln die?

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How did Abraham Lincoln die – Cause of death

Abraham Lincoln died on April 14, 1865, by a famous actor John Wilkes Booth shot President in ford’s theatre in Washington D.C., ‘Honest Abe’ his nickname for Abraham Lincoln for his honesty and decency.

Abraham Lincoln’s life achievements & history

On February 12, 1809, Abraham Lincoln was born in a log cabin, Hodgenville, Kentucky second child of Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks Lincoln. His father worked as a carpenter and a farmer. His family moved to southern Indiana when he was seven years due to disease. Her mother got expired.

how did abraham lincoln die

Again, her father married Sarah Bush Johnston. Abraham loved his stepmother very much, he studied school but he didn’t go to college and enjoying reading and working in fields he always borrowed books from his neighbor. Again, his family moved to the west in 1830. He was the age of 21.

He moved to Indiana in 1816, lived there the rest of his youth, he said he had one year of formal education but he loved to read and learn from any books.

Abraham Lincoln married Mary Todd Lincoln in 1842. She was from Lexington, Kentucky, the woman of her era she supports, encourages. Her political knowledge helps Lincoln to become our nation’s sixteen presidents. In 1846, he got her first son name called Edward Baker Lincoln. Later in 1850, Lincoln had another son named William Wallace Lincoln. In 1853, he has a third son named Thomas Lincoln, then his family shifted to Washington D.C, and also the Mary Todd Lincoln House in Lexington is open for tours.

Abraham Lincoln’s political career

In 1832 at age 23 Lincoln began his political career. In 1834 he was elected to the Illinois General Assembly and in 1836 Lincoln was re-elected. He also received to start practicing law again in 1838 he becomes the Whig Party, floor leader. In 1856, he creates a republican party and speaks against the Dred Scott decision. Lincoln’s position on racial equality changed little between the debates and his accession to the presidency in 1861. In this year the civil war begins. He always differentiates economic rights from political and social rights.

The civil war makes Lincoln distancing himself from racial equality, he always has a goal to the preservation of union not the eradication of slavery. In 1860 he became president by the strength of support in the north after this he met the cabinet on July 22, 1862, for the first reading of a draft of the Emancipation proclamation.

On April 11th, 1865, he makes her final speech focused on problems of reconstruction, after Lincoln expires the constitution passed the 13th amendment on January 13th, 1865, finally slavery was abolished.

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