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how did abhimanyu die

How did Abhimanyu die?

How did Abhimanyu die – Cause of Death

Abhimanyu was born to Arjuna and Subhadra in Indraprastha. He was a great warrior who acquires great knowledge from Arjuna and his maternal uncle Shri Krishna. But he was the reincarnation of a son of the moon, so his son will only remain on earth for 16 years so Abhimanyu was born to Arjuna. Peoples give more importance to Abhimanyu because he was the son of Arjuna and Subhadra.

But he lived for a short time, played a significant role in Mahabharatha. He can understand advanced battle information known as Chakravyuha still in his mother’s womb.

Qualities of Abhimanyu – 

Abhimanyu follows many virtues, such as courage, righteousness, selflessness, respect for elders, and love for one’s family and also Draupadi loves Abhimanyu more than her children, where he was more trained by Arjuna and Pradyumna.

Abhimanyu was one of the greatest archers in the world. One who has a mighty bow named Raudra which was given by his uncle Balrama which he received from Lord Shiva.

Abhimanyu’s fight in Mahabharatha – 

In the Mahabharatha fight, Kauravas planned to keep Arjuna busy and decided to engage the Pandavas with a Chakravyuha, although he was young he fought a great battle in the war Abhimanyu help Pandavas entered into the Chakravyuha fight against with Dronacharya, Duryodhana, and Dussasana on the Kauravas side could not stand against him.

how did abhimanyu die

He killed Rukmartha, Brihadbala, Laksmana, Dushmanara, six counselors, and seven foster brothers of Karna, sons of Shalya.

The Kauravas broke his bow and he was killed. Arjuna fight with Kauravas and enemy warriors but Abhimanyu’s death turned the Mahabharata war.

Abhimanyu’s family –

Abimanyu has two wives. His first wife was Vatsala, daughter of king Balarama but Vatsala’s mom was not interested in Abimanyu. Because king Arjuna & Subathra Devi were poor and were living in a forest.

Gatothkacha son of Bhima brings Vatsala to his place, arranges a grand marriage for Abhimanyu and Vatsala.

Uttara is the second wife of Prince Abhimanyu; she was the daughter of the king of Virata. when Pandavas finished during Agnhyatha vasa all of them stay in the Virata kingdom after Agnhyatha vasa completed he revealed her identity to king Virata.

King Virata felt more to meet that great warrior. Also, he felt bad when they are ready to go that time the king proposed Arjuna marry his daughter, Uttara. He refused he had been a teacher to Uttara. Arjun said he will accept her as his daughter-in-law with happy king Virata marries off his daughter Uttara to Abhimanyu.

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