7 people shot in Washington Park, one dead six injured Police official says

7 people shot in Washington Park

Yes, this is the breaking news recently there was a shooting in Washington Park 6 wounded,1 killed in Washington park mass shooting,as police said. All the victims all adult were shot after a fight broke out between two group in the park police said .

Washington Park: seven people were shot Tuesday night in Washington park one of whom dead as per police statement. The mass shooting happened around 7:46 pm in the park, deputy chief Fred Melean said at a press conference. A fight broke out in the park between two group when someone opened fire, Melean said citing preliminary information. It was not immediately clear how many shooters were involved. It was not connected to the univer soul circus which is hosting performances in Washington park throughout the month, melean said.

The circus was open Tuesday but closed around 7PM,45 minutes before the shooting,Ahern said .This has nothing to do with the circus,when circus is operating they have more security there have staff that patrol the park so the circus is perfectly safe to come to. The condition of the other victims were not immediately known. Several people were taken to the nearby university of Chicago Medical Center. All these information are provided by Tom Ahern. A fire department officials told the Tribune paramedics took four people to University of Chicago three in serious to critical condition one in fair condition.

Sun times photojournalist Tyler Pasciak lariviere tweeted that responding officers were investigating an area in the stands of the parks baseball diamond. The park is located near the University of Chicago Medical Center. No others details were immediately available. This is all information get by as police statement or marked by some journalists.

This case is investigates continuing till than victims not found. This information given through social media, reputated and respective person like Tom Ahern and Tyler Pasciak lariviere. They mention and declare this incident as well accident happen in Washington park. Many of news channel and news paper write on it and tell about this incident but all of them have no more information and knowledge about it they said what ever they listen by police. Now police investigating and soon they fine out the real matter what is it.

Featured Image Credit: Chicago Sun Times

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